Connecting at Wayne Presbyterian

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You are invited on a journey to better know God and His Son Jesus Christ. It has been our experience that each of us is searching for a place to belong. None of us has it all figured out, but together we can learn from one another, grow in matters of faith and learn to use what we have been given to make this world a better place. If you are looking for a place to invest your life and learn more about God you are welcome here and we believe that as you get to know us, you will feel right at home.

  • Welcome Message

    Faith and fun are two of the key ingredients of our church.  We are a church that enjoys being together and we want to invite you to to be a part of our community.  Check out this welcome message from Pastor Doug.

  • I'm New

    Attending a church for the very first time can be stressful and seem overwhelming. But we don’t want you to be nervous.  To learn about your first time experience at Wayne Presbyterian click more.

  • the Worship experience

    Every Sunday Morning at 10 am Worship is at the heart of what we do in our pursuit of God. A team of men, women and students lead the congregation in singing a blended musical experience ranging from traditional and modern hymns to contemporary praise songs.

  • Message Series

    Each week a new message is shared as part of the worship experience.  These messages are timely, based on the Bible and relevant to life.  If you want to watch the most recent message or catch one of our messages from a previous series you can check it out here.

  • social media

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    Bible Online Together

    Share with others what is happening in your life and stay current on what is happening in our community.  Follow  events, read the Bible with friends, catch last week's message and join us every week for live feeds of our services.

  • helpful links

    Do you have questions about God?  Have you ever wondered what the Bible is really saying?  Wouldn't it be great if there was someplace you could turn for encouragement during your week? Here are some helpful links to answer these and other questions.

  • Photo gallery

    The church is not made up of bricks and mortar it is made up of the people who attend.  If you want to know more about who Wayne Presbyterian is check out these photo galleries.  Here you will get a good feel about who we are and the fun we have together.

  • beliefs

    We are glad that you are taking an interest in us and hope that as you take a closer look you will find us warm, welcoming and ready to assist you in deepening your relationship with God. Every person's spiritual journey is unique and it is important that your values match up with the church you attend. Learn more about who we are and what we believe.

Get Plugged In!

A disconnected church leads to disconnected people.  Disconnected people become isolated, tired and lonely.

But a church with members who care and look out for each other become the lifeblood of the church.

Those connections promote growth and health, and help bring heaven down to earth.

We invite you to plug in and find your fit with us.