it's all about relationships

No matter your stage or season of life, 

authentic friendships important.  

Below are the online groups available

during this season of social distancing.

Digital refreshments


Hang out with friends and connect for a few minutes immediately following the worship service on Sunday.  To connect, CLICK HERE

coffee Break


Get your week off to the right start!  Join us Monday afternoons for a quick coffee break to lift your spirits.  To join, CLICK HERE.

Hangin' with the seniors


Each Wednesday the Senoirs get together and you are invited to join them.  Hang out, tell jokes, laugh and have a good time.  To join, CLICK HERE.

Grow together!

We know that getting to know new people can be a super scary thing. At Wayne Presbyterian, you can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging music and worship, and compelling preaching from the Bible.  

You will be encouraged and maybe even challenged.