serving others

in our community

Part of the purpose of the church is to be engaged in and connected with the community in which we are a part.  Through Wayne Presbyterian, financially you can support missionaries local and abroad, water projects in Kenya and outreach initiatives in our community.  But we also believe it is important to get our "hands dirty" and personally get involved.  Below are 3 areas you can support physically as well as financially.

serving others

in the community

habitat for humanity

Several times a year volunteers head to Paterson, NJ to participate in an active house building project.  Additionally each year the congregation is invited to a fun "Hammering for Humanity" fundraiser where the church donates to the organization

Local Food Banks

Through this program, you can provide non-perishables to a local food pantry.  You bring the items with you to church and they get distributed to the food pantry.  There are also several opportunities a year to donate items and volunteer time to a food bank in Paterson (CUMAC).

Wayne Welfare

Each year many families go without during the holidays.  You can make a difference in a child's life as we partner with the Wayne Welfare Office.  Through this program you can purchase a Christmas present for a child who would not otherwise receive one and add a little joy to his/her season.

Serving others

Inside the church

We are all made for a purpose.  God has given you gifts that you, and only you, can use.  When you use your gifts and your talents to serve in the church, the whole community benefits and you receive blessings that you never knew existed. 

Below are some ways  you can serve in our church.  We want you to find a place where you can enjoy what you are doing and give back to others.

Serving others



Stand at the front door to offer a BIG smile, assist those in need and a friendly welcome to people as they arrive to our campus.


Welcome guests and members to the sanctuary, hand out bulletins and be present during the worship experience to assist as necessary.

Guest Central

Greet guests and members and provide information about the church to those looking to connect and plug in.


A place to keep safe that which is most precious to us, give mom and dad a little breathing room and begin to introduce our children to the love and kindness of Jesus.


This opportunity is for you if you enjoy serving coffee, providing snacks and creating an atmosphere of welcome and friendship. 


Raising up the next generation to know, love and serve Jesus in life.  Be part of a team of teachers and assistants who care for students and want to see them grow.

Serve Others

What is your purpose in life?  Is it to be happy?  Is it to have things?  Is it to travel or experience exotic locations?  All of these are good goals and can add meaning to life.  But nothing compares to giving a part of yourself to someone else.  The purpose in life is find a way to be useful and make a lasting difference.  You can do that by serving others.  We have a place for you to volunteer and get started.