Who is wayne presbyterian?


As you experience Wayne Presbyterian, you will find occasions for:

  • Friendship, getting to know others in the church and growing in your relationship with Jesus.

  • Prayer, sharing the struggles and joys of life with God.

  • Study, understanding who Jesus is and learning to use the Bible as a compass in life.

  • Service, using what you have been given to share with others.

  • Worship, privately and publicly giving thanks to God.

The story you can be a part of is one of commitment, renewal and change.  Our goal is to help you grow as we share together in this journey called faith.

Who is Wayne presbyterian


As you take a closer look you will find this church to be warm, welcoming and ready to assist you in deepening your relationship with God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We believe that everyone is on a personal journey of faith and yet there are common principles that guide us.  The Bible is God's Word to us.  This means that when you read the Bible, it is as if God is speaking to you and sharing with you truths about this life and the wonderful hopes and dreams God has for you.


Expressing love to God is foundational to what we do as a church.  Worship involves all aspects of our lives including what we say, how we act and how we think.  In worship we acknowledge God’s presence in the world and we respond to God’s claim to love us. In worship we also discover the peace that we find in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and as we offer ourselves to God we are equipped for God’s service in the world.

learning more

To grow in faith requires commitment, time and practice.  When a person goes to church, some part of them is likely saying, "I have questions and I want answers.  I want to grow spiritually and I desire to acquire the skills necessary grow, learn and help others." We greatly value critical thinking and the challenge in seeking to understand better matters of faith.  Through the messages, growth group discussions and spending time together we experience life-changing education.

Who is wayne presbyterian


church life

None of us were meant to be alone.  At our core is a desire to be connected to others.  Through our relationships with members in our community we draw strength, encouragement, knowledge and joy.  

We believe that establishing, maintaining and deepening our relationships with one another is very important.  Our goal is to always be a welcoming congregation to people who have gone to church for 50 years or are walking through the doors for the very first time.

plugging in

Every team has a roster.  Every school has an enrollment.  Every army has an enlistment. As you get to know us, our hope is that you will feel comfortable and decide to make Wayne Presbyterian your church home.  If you do, you will find plenty of places to plug in and use your God-given talents. Understanding how to use the skills and abilities unique to you is part of the growing process.  The goal is to figure out where God can use you most. God has a place for you, let Him lead you and be amazed at what you will discover.

reaching out

We believe in serving others with our time, talents, gifts and resources.  We strive daily to have the heart of a servant as was modeled for us by Jesus Christ. Jesus always seemed to have his eyes looking outward, searching for the hurting, needy, poor and oppressed who were around him.  Likewise, we strive to reach outside the doors of the church to care for the people Jesus cared about. As followers of Jesus, we long to share our story of "why Jesus is important to me," and hopefully in sharing our stories, we will introduce people to the Jesus we have come to know and love.